Donate to any of the funds listed below by clicking on the fund name. Checks should be written to "Community Foundation of Johnson County" with the name of the fund on the memo line. Checks can be mailed or delivered to: Community Foundation of Johnson County, 501 12th Avenue, Ste 102, Coralville, Iowa 52241. For information about gifts of more complicated assets such as marketable securities or IRA rollovers, please contact our office. If you need assistance finding a fund or would like to discuss your charitable giving options, contact us at 319.337.0483 or by email at Thank you!

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 4 Cs Endowment
Donate 5224GOOD Charitable Fund
Donate 5224GOOD Endowment Fund
Donate Albers Family Fund
Donate Altrusa Club CGF
Donate Altrusa General Scholarship
Donate Altrusa Jo Beers Scholarship
Donate Amanda and Patrick Gavin CGF
Donate Amanda and Patrick Gavin Fund
Donate Amante Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Donate American Cancer - Hope Lodge
Donate Anderson Family Fund for United Way
Donate Angerer Family Fund
Donate Anne and Eric Johnson Fund
Donate Another Door CGF
Donate Another Door Endowment
Donate Anstreicher - Van Voorhis Family Fund
Donate Atkinson Family Endowment Fund
Donate Backyard Abundance Endowment
Donate Balakrishnan Family Fund for Handicare
Donate Balakrishnan Neighborhood Center Fund in Honor of Professor Willard L. Boyd
Donate Bergus Family Fund
Donate Bergus Family Giving Fund
Donate Betty Winokur Kirkwood Scholarship Fund
Donate Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County Fund
Donate Bob and Hutha Sayre Endowment Fund
Donate Boyd McGurk Family Endowment
Donate Bruno Schielzeth Endowment Fund
Donate Bur Oak Land Trust Endowment
Donate Butler-Rettig Endowment Fund
Donate Byler Family Fund
Donate Byler Family Fund #2
Donate Calder Wills Memorial Fund
Donate Camblin - Bates Family Fund
Donate Capper Family Endowment Fund for the Solon Fire Department
Donate CARTHA Endowment
Donate Catalano Family Fund
Donate Cedric Lee Memorial Fund for Mental Health
Donate CFJC Long-Term Fund
Donate CFJC Operating Endowment Fund
Donate CFJC Operating Reserve
Donate CFJC Operations Fund
Donate Chamber Singers of Iowa City Fund
Donate Charles "Red" and Edith Niles Fund
Donate Chatham Oaks Endowment Fund
Donate Chris and Verlaine Ockenfels Fund
Donate Christine Boge Endowment Fund
Donate Christine Boge Non-Endowed DAF
Donate CIVIC Endowment
Donate Clarence and Julie Leichty Endowment Fund for Hillcrest Family Services Inc
Donate Clifford E and Emily Iona Dodds Fund for Parkview Church
Donate CLP Alumni Fund
Donate Coldren Fund for the Elderly
Donate Combined Efforts Theatre Endowment Fund
Donate CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank Endowment Fund
Donate Coralville Community CGF
Donate Coralville Community Fund
Donate Coralville - North Corridor Rotary Endowment Fund
Donate Coralville Performing Arts
Donate Coralville Performing Arts CGF
Donate Coralville Public Library Golden Endowment Fund
Donate Coralville Veterans Memorial
Donate Corridor Children's CGF
Donate Corridor Children's Foundation
Donate Cultural Sharing Network CGF
Donate David and Noreen Revier Foundation
Donate David Lohman Scholarship
Donate Davidson Family Endowment Fund
Donate Deb Dunkhase ICM for Everyone
Donate DePrenger Family Fund
Donate Diamond Dreams Endowment
Donate Disterhoft Family Foundation
Donate Disterhoft Family Fund for United Way
Donate Domestic Violence Intervention Program Endowment Fund
Donate Dr Dwayne and Angela Capper Endowment Fund
Donate Elliott Endowment
Donate Emergency Response Fund
Donate Englert Theatre Endowment Fund
Donate Extend the Dream Foundation
Donate Fait- Fuller Fund
Donate Faith Academy Endowment
Donate Film Scene CGF
Donate First Baptist Church Endowment Fund FBO CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank
Donate First Baptist Church Fund FBO Inside Out Reentry Inc
Donate First Baptist Church Scholarship Fund
Donate First Presbyterian Church
Donate Food With Love Project
Donate Free Lunch Program Endowment
Donate Free Medical Clinic Endowment
Donate Friends of Historic Preservation
Donate Friends of the Animal Center Foundation
Donate Friends of the Center
Donate Friends of the IC Elks Club
Donate Geerdes Memorial Swim Lessons Fund
Donate George and Betty S. Winokur Fund
Donate Gfeller - Cook Endowment Fund
Donate Gisolfi Mental Health Children and Family Fund
Donate Goodwill Industries of the Heartland Endowment Fund
Donate Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships Endowment Fund
Donate Growing Better Together
Donate Harvest Preserve Endowment
Donate Hawkeye Wrestling Club
Donate Healing at English River Outfitters
Donate Healthy Kids (United Way School Based Health Clinics) Endowment Fund
Donate Helen and Philip Oldis Fund
Donate Helen Binggeli Memorial Fund
Donate Hills Bank and Trust Endowment
Donate Horizons Endowment Fund
Donate Hospice Home of Johnson County
Donate Houses Into Homes Endowment Fund
Donate Housing Trust Fund
Donate ICCSD Foundation Endowment
Donate IC Student Scholarship Fund
Donate iJag - Quasi Fund
Donate Inclusive Johnson County Fund
Donate Iowa Alpha Charitable Fund
Donate Iowa City AM Rotary Endowment
Donate Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation Fund
Donate Iowa City Catholic Worker
Donate Iowa City Community Fund
Donate Iowa City Community Theatre Endowment Fund
Donate Iowa City Hospice Endowment
Donate Iowa City Noon Optimist Club Endowment Fund
Donate Iowa City Parks and Preservation and Improvement Fund
Donate Iowa City Parks and Rec Charitable Giving Fund
Donate Iowa City Public Library Endowment
Donate Iowa Coalition of Off-Road Riders Endowment Fund
Donate Iowa Donor Network
Donate Iowa Donor Network - Donate Life Fund
Donate Iowa Native Plant Society Endowment
Donate Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund
Donate Iowa Women's Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Iowa Youth Writing CGF
Donate James F. Fluck and Julie K. Scott Endowment for Conservation Land Stewardship
Donate Jason Englert Scholarship Fund
Donate JC Armory and Vets Memorial
Donate JC Entrepreneurial Match Fund
Donate Jim and Barb Aldeman Endowment
Donate Joan Summerwill Handbell Ministry Fund First Presbyterian Church, Iowa City, Iowa
Donate Jody and Janie Braverman Fund
Donate John and Charlotte Gavin for Regina Education Center
Donate John Gavin Endowment for Loras
Donate John Gavin for St Patricks
Donate John Geerdes Memorial Swim Lessons Fund
Donate Johnson County Conservation Charitable Giving Fund
Donate Johnson County Conservation Endowment Fund
Donate Johnson County Historical Society 1876 Coralville Schoolhouse Endowment
Donate Karen Terra Family Endowment
Donate Katherine Grimes and Jeffrey Currie Fund
Donate Kenneth and Hazel Muller Hills Community Endowment Fund
Donate Kirkwood Foundation Endowment
Donate Krumm Family Endowment
Donate Lake Macbride CGF
Donate Language and Literacy - PN Interest
Donate Liddell - Westefeld Family Fund
Donate Linda and Steve Schreiber Endowment Fund
Donate Little Free Library CGF
Donate Livable Community CGF
Donate Livable Community for Successful Aging Endowment Fund
Donate Local Foods Connection Fund
Donate Lone Tree Community Fund
Donate Lyons Family Endowment
Donate Machlab Fund for United Way
Donate Mammen Thomas Fund
Donate Marcy and Mort Ockenfels Fund
Donate Margaret and Dennis Reese Family Fund
Donate Martin Family Foundation
Donate Mayors Youth Empowerment Program Endowment Fund
Donate M&B Seberger Family Endowment
Donate Michael and Shelly Maharry Fund
Donate Mitch Einck Memorial Fund
Donate Muston Family Humanitarian Fund
Donate NAMI Endowment
Donate Neighborhood NESTS Project
Donate Neumann Monson Scholarship Fund
Donate New Song Endowment Fund
Donate North Liberty Community Fund
Donate North Liberty Community Pantry
Donate North Liberty Fire Dept Endowment
Donate North Liberty Library Endowment
Donate Nowak Family Endowment
Donate Nowak Family Fund
Donate Ockenfels Family - Deb O Kids Rock Fund
Donate Old Brick CGF
Donate Old Brick Endowment Fund
Donate Old Capitol Kiwanis Scholarship Fund
Donate Operations - Passthrough Fund
Donate Orchestra Iowa Endowment Fund
Donate Oxford Project Scholarship Fund
Donate Pathways Adult Heath Center Endowment
Donate Paula and Lowell Brandt Fund
Donate Paul Endowment for the Arts
Donate Peggy Mauch Scholarship Fund
Donate Pete and Dee Vanderhoef Family Fund
Donate Phyllis and Robert Yager Garden Fund at First Presbyterian Church
Donate Preucil School of Music Fund
Donate Project GREEN Endowment
Donate Project H.O.P.E. Fund
Donate Pugh Family Endowment Fund
Donate Randall R Maharry Fund
Donate Releve Dancing Company Charitable Giving Fund
Donate Releve Dancing Company Endowment Fund
Donate Reuben and Muriel Savin Fund
Donate Revier Charitable Giving Fund
Donate Ron Bohlkom Fund
Donate Rotary - Kerber HeartSafe Fund
Donate Safety Village Endowment Fund
Donate Savin and Potter Endowment
Donate Scattergood Friends School Endowment Fund
Donate Schwab Burford Fund
Donate Self Realization Fellowship Church Endowed Fund
Donate Shelter House Employment Assistance Endowment
Donate Shelter House Endowment Fund
Donate Skaugstad Family Fund
Donate Skogman Cares CGF
Donate Skogman Endowment Fund
Donate Solon Area Community Foundation Fund
Donate Solon Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund
Donate Southeastern Iowa Synod ELCA
Donate State Historical Society Endowment
Donate Summer of the Arts Endowment Fund
Donate Summerships - ACT Scholarship
Donate Summerships Endowment Fund
Donate Summerships - Mary Westbrook
Donate Summerships - Richard Edwards
Donate Support Our Schools (SOS) Fund
Donate Susan and Sarah Wolfe Fund
Donate Sutliff Bridge CGF
Donate Sutliff Bridge Endowment Fund
Donate Swisher Community Fund
Donate Systems Unlimited Inc Endowment Fund
Donate Table to Table Endowment Fund
Donate Tank Family Foundation
Donate Terry and Susan Brennan Giving Fund
Donate The 1105 Project Endowment
Donate The Arc of Johnson County Endowment
Donate The Housing Fellowship Endowment
Donate The Johnson County Historical Society Weeber Endowment Fund
Donate The Mitzvah Fund
Donate The Raymond L and Janet M Bywater Family Fund
Donate Tiffin Community CGF
Donate Tiffin Community Fund
Donate Tim Shields Endowment Fund
Donate Tim Tjaden Memorial Scholarship
Donate Trunnel Family CGF
Donate UI Children's Hospital Child Life Program Endowment Fund
Donate UNESCO City of Literature Endowment
Donate United Action for Youth Charitable Giving Fund
Donate United Action for Youth Endowment Fund
Donate United Iowa Financial Community Fund
Donate United Way Endowment Fund
Donate United Way Entrepreneurial Reserve Fund
Donate University Heights CGF
Donate University Heights Community Fund
Donate Vandenberg Charitable Giving Fund
Donate Visiting Nurse Association Endowment Fund
Donate Wagner Soil and Water Conservation Fund
Donate Wallace Family CGF
Donate Watts Family Charitable Giving Fund
Donate Watts Family Endowment Fund
Donate Werderitsch Family Endowment Fund
Donate Westemeyer Family Endowment
Donate West Family Endowment for United Way
Donate Willard and Susan Boyd Charitable Giving Fund
Donate Will Hayek Award Endowment Fund
Donate William and Sharon Oglesby Fund
Donate Woo and Ching Scholarship Fund
Donate York - Schmidt Family Fund
Donate Zion Stevens-Moore Organ Endowment